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Beautiful product that is very sturdy.

We were drawn to the contemporary aesthetics. Exactly our style and so unique.

The product was even nicer in real life, even better than the photos.

Krystal – New South Wales, Australia.

I love that I can see through the side of my cot and check on my son without having to go in to disturb him, especially if I see him quietly playing.

This product is AWESOME.

Lisa – New South Wales, Australia.

Beautiful, original design. We always get lots of comments when people see my son’s cot. Other baby products just seem to be same same. This cot suits the style throughout our house.

The unique, modern design. Excellent quality.

I like to support great products, especially Australian. Ubabub products are beautiful and it’s so nice to have something a bit different.

Having a baby product that suits the style of the rest of our house is great.

Angie – ACT, Australia.

It looks so cool and people always comment on how cute our bub is in our Ubabub cot!

People see it and just know the brand! Everyone wants one!

Amanda – New South Wales, Australia.

Stunning modern cot with brilliant features... clear sides make it so easy to see our baby, especially on the video monitor. PLUS it’s not very common, I feel I have a wonderfully unique product.

I was worried the acrylic might look cheap in real life, but it’s really well done and looks amazing.

Nicole – Victoria, Australia.

I love the retro design of our cot and how it looks when it turns into a toddler bed.

Nadina – New South Wales, Australia.

The product quality and aesthetic are unsurpassed with this cot. It complements our nursery fit out perfectly.

Would definitely buy Ubabub products again! Any other furniture in the pipeline? Wardrobes? Chest of drawers?

Friends love it when they see it.

Kellie – New South Wales, Australia.

Lovely look to the cot and the added safety feature of no drop down side is reassuring. Good height mattress even with a newborn. It’s also a very good quality mattress.

Kristine – Western Australia.

Great concept, easy to view child through clear sides, looks great, baby sleeps well which is the most important of all!

Stylish, modern, practical, safe, comfortable need I say more!

When you receive your Ubabub product and use it for the first time, you begin to see how practical the design is.

Liz – Western Australia.

I love their range of Australian designed premium-end nursery products and that their products are made to last.

Finding a cot that was eco-friendly was pretty important to us … and it complements our bubs nursery so well.

Katherine – Western Australia.

Love the classic design of our Nifty Timber. The product has worn well and is highly durable.

It’s a style that isn’t the usual boring mainstream style – it’s sexy!

Linda – Queensland, Australia.

I love the look of my son’s Nifty Clear Cot. It’s so unique! I love that it is a contemporary cot with a respectful nod of nostalgia to 1950’s modernism.

Apart from the aesthetics, one of the best features about the cot are the clear side panels. I can see Henry sleeping from his bedroom door. No need to peer over his cot and disturb his sleep! Love it!

I would definitely recommend Ubabub to friends who are looking for a good quality, well designed cot. Ubabub is so uniquely different to what is currently out on the market. I cringe every time I see the endless lines of mainstream cots out there in the baby stores.

I was initially worried how the Nifty Clear would fit with the baby’s room and with other furniture such as the bassinet and storage units that we had already purchased. I tossed between the Nifty Timber (because of its more classic design appearance) and the Nifty Clear Cot. I chose the Nifty Clear in the end purely because I loved the look. I was really pleasantly surprised how well it fit in with everything. It has actually become the centre piece of the room.

Kim – Victoria, Australia.

I’ve already recommended Ubabub to people. I just love the look and quality of the products. I expected the cot I purchased to look great and be of good quality - and it is!

Natalie – Western Australia.

It’s solid, safe, spacious and suits every colour of bed linen!

Rose – New South Wales, Australia.

1. It is easy to care for
2. I love that I can see my son Monte in his cot when I am just peeking in his room
3. I love, love, love that our dog cannot get to him with his long tongue for licks!!!
4. Things that I thought could be an issue are not i.e: cleaning the acrylic sides, they don’t show any marks and I love this
5. Monte loves sleeping in it!!!

My overall experience with the product is 100% perfect.

I knew my Ubabub cot would be brilliant and it is!

Joanne – Victoria.

Love it’s clean lines and contemporary look.

It’s fulfilled my expectations and has worn really well.

Kara – Victoria.

It looks fantastic, even after our toddler has done his best to jump all over it and destroy it!

Ubabub make quality, good looking products and our Pod cot is not showing any signs of age.

Please make a change table to match the Pod cot!

Quality, good-looking products.

Davina – New South Wales.

It’s practical but most of all it looks fantastic!!

We love our cot and change table, we waited about 5 months for the cot as it was out of stock and so glad we waited for it!!

It’s practical but most of all it looks fantastic!!

Their products feel alot sturdier than the other baby furniture we looked at.

Kim – New South Wales, Australia.

Its so much cooler looking than all the other cots around.

Nicole – Victoria, Australia.

Bring out more cool products!

Kylie – Victoria, Australia.

Looks amazing, always get comments on it.

The mattress is very good.

Susan – New South Wales, Australia.

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