Behind the Booksee - The original clear acrylic bookshelves

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Behind the Booksee - The original clear acrylic bookshelves

We are super proud of all of our Ubabub original nursery designs. Having a favourite would be like having a favourite child! But there is one product that often stands out as being a little special. Our clear acrylic Booksee bookshelves have helped bring colourful magic to many a nursery and child’s bedroom design, world over.

Created in 2007, the innovative and original Booksee bookshelf design displays books facing out, making for an ever-changing colourful scene. Children's books are always so beautifully illustrated, it just made sense for us to create a bookshelf that celebrates them.

We originally designed the Booksee for our older girls, Bianca and Sabine, who shared a bedroom. We didn’t have room for a traditional boxed shelving unit, so we employed the age old interiors trick of using the vertical space. We felt highly hung floating shelves didn’t allow the girls access to their beautiful collection of stunning books and we wanted to encourage them to read when it suited them. There was nothing available in the market like this, so like many of our designs, the Booksee was born, out of our own needs and originally for our own family.

Displaying the books ‘outwards’, really entices children of any age to read. Our design is made from crystal clear acrylic, so the shelves don’t encroach on the beautiful, fun and colourful book cover designs. Each book is held securely in place by our canny lip design (there are a few bookshelves on the market you just wouldn't hang over a child's bed for fear that things would fall off).

The simplicity of our design makes the Booksee suitable for kids rooms of any age, from babies to teens, the shelves have been included in so many gorgeous interiors over the years. Line two along side each other just above your kids beds or bunk beds or make a great wall of Booksees! We've also seen them included in tiny houses, so clever is the space saving design.

The durable acrylic is easy to wipe clean, wont gather dust and is a cinch to install. Booksee is sold in sets of two with each shelf measures 22cm high, 90cm long and 7cm deep.

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