Iconic Australian Design | The Ubabub Pod Cot

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Ubabub Pod Cot | Ubabub Pod Crib

In 2007, when Natasha and Daniel Dumais were expecting their first baby, they went in search for a cot to suit their modernist architect-designed home in Melbourne, Australia. Although there was plenty of nursery furniture on the market, there was only a minimal selection that suited their modern taste. 

Their contemporary home featured some iconic modernist design classics such as an original Featherston Contour Chair, authentic Eames dining chairs, George Nelson Pendant Lamps, and a mid-century sideboard from Angelucci 20th Century. But finding nursery furniture to fit perfectly with their style was proving difficult.

With a background in design, Natasha ambitiously decided to embark on creating their own range of modern nursery pieces. The vision, to reimagine how cots have always been perceived with age-old bars and to design nursery furniture that would complement modern homes. The pair collaborated with local industrial designers and fastidiously studied Safety Standards Regulations to ensure the nursery furniture was not only beautiful, but also safe and practical; and so the Ubabub brand was born. 

“Right from the onset we aimed to create a nursery furniture collection made from the highest quality renewable and recyclable materials, ensuring all our products are durable and ecologically friendly. Most of all, we wanted to provide parents with peace-of-mind that they would be investing in a piece of nursery furniture that will truly stand the test of time”.

Influenced by the modern Eames era and contemporary Scandinavian furniture design, Ubabub launched with the now iconic Pod cot. The Ubabub Pod is a cosy cocoon-shaped cot, with smooth, rounded edges for a distinct modern look. It has innovative clear acrylic sides with star-shaped cut-outs which allow for an unimpeded view of bubs for parents, making checking on baby simple. Not to mention the clear view for baby. Plus, it's simple to assemble, clean and maintain. As baby gets older, Pod converts easily to a very cool junior bed. 

The Pod is a favourite of contemporary design lovers, both here in Australia and in the United States and Canada. It can be found in the nurseries of some of our most favourite design and lifestyle influencers. 

Proudly, more than ten years on, the Pod cot is still a sought after nursery furniture design classic. The distinctly modern Ubabub range presents parents with premium nursery choices that not only offer comfort, advanced safety and freedom for bubs, but a progressive design aesthetic that sits perfectly within modern homes. With more innovative nursery design in the pipeline we look forward to welcoming more babies into the world with style, grace and safety. 

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