Creating your perfect nursery

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Creating your perfect nursery

As your bump gets bigger the countdown to bringing a new little person into your home is well underway. Now is the time to create that perfect nursery space for your new family member. We have some great tips for designing a modern, functional and insta-worthy nursery for both you and baby to enjoy…

Find your inspo

Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with the most delicious nursery inspiration. We could spend hours flicking through the magnitude of stunning imagery. Starting a mood board, by saving images from Instagram or Pinterest will really help you hone in on a style for your nursery. Following Instagram hashtags such as #nurseryideas #nursery and #nurseryinspo will flood your feed with the most beautiful ideas. Also try following some of our favourite pro nursery interior designers on Instagram (whom have also so cleverly used our nursery furniture over the years) such as: @liberty.interiors @sissyandmarley @oh.eight.oh.nine @hideandsleep_interiors @norsuinteriors @petiteinteriorco @littledwellings @ncinteriors @talointeriors and @nectaar. Our @Ubabub Instagram and Ubabub Pinterest pages are also loaded with design inspiration for stunning modern nursery essentials and style.

The hero piece

Set the tone with a nursery furniture piece you adore. Starting with something you love and making other pieces work with that, will ensure your nursery is full of baby furniture you truly appreciate. The cot seems like the most obvious place to start, but you can easily begin with a nursing chair or dresser. Even a piece of art or gorgeous decor can help get the ball rolling with a tone and theme. Maybe it’s not something you have purchased, but a piece that has been handed down through the generations. Just ensure you begin with something you absolutely love and build the rest of the space around that item.

Hit the big ticket items

One of the biggest style decisions you need to make is on the bigger nursery furniture pieces. Cot, change table/dresser, nursing chair and nursery storage furniture are all ‘one time buy’ items. Investing in well designed, safe, good quality, modern pieces is a very wise decision. Try to purchase items that are timeless and will be suitable as your baby grows. Cots with junior bed conversion is a great example, so are baby dressers suitable for nappy changing. Also, select a chair you will want to sit in once your baby is no longer nursing, something suitable for story time or that can be moved to another room within your home when you're done with the baby phase.

Don’t forget the small stuff

The hero piece and big ticket items make for the foundation to your perfect nursery style but the soft furnishings are where the magic happens. Cushions, blankets, bunting, prints, hanging mobiles, rugs and books are where the real personality is injected into this special space. Keep with your style. If earthy calm tones are what you are chasing, then beautiful, bright and bold cot sheets is probably not for your space. Keep referring back to your original inspiration if you start to feel lost. Also, never forget, soft furnishing are easily changed as your child grows.

Keep it practically perfect!

Functionality can be super boring, but is also super essential when you have a newborn. Being able to easily access nappies, wipes and a new onesie after a 3am poonarmi is absolutely necessary. Keep it organised with a place for everything. Pop a rug under foot for chilly mornings and tummy time. Make sure your nursing chair is comfortable and beautiful. Include cushions that are helpful for feeding, add a light throw for yourself during midnight feeds and a side table for water and or your breastpump machine if needed. Have plenty of storage for toys so these can be out away at the end of the day. Turn those beautiful picture books into art with a Ubabub Booksee booknook. Ensure everything in your nursery space can be easily washed or wiped down. Select window coverings that allow for effective light block for day naps and include a lamp in your space for soft light at night. Ensure the room doesn’t have a draft, but also improve air quality with an indoor plant, ideally one that your little adventurer can’t try to repot for you. Mostly try not to allow the practicality of your room get in the way of your style, by selecting items that are both sensible and gorgeous and allow you to stay a little organised.

The number one thing to remember is that the most important thing your baby will ever need in it’s nursery is YOU! So design a space of calm, inspiration and positivity that you truly enjoy.