This Mum called Monty

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This Mum called Monty

We just adore Monty Dimond. This absolute powerhouse is well known for her work on Australian radio and TV, but she is also the Co-founder, Publisher and Editorial Director of one of our favourite sites and podcasts, Show + Tell Online. Monty is Mum to two boys, Baxter & Arlo and is busily baking a third baby. We chatted to Monty about her pregnancies, past and present and about what being pregnant during a global pandemic is
really like.


Congratulations on your pregnancy. First up, how are you feeling?

Thanks so much, I'm really excited now, I'm over half way and feeling really good. The first few months were not pleasant, shocking migraines and bouts of nausea but now my body is flooded with yummy hormones so I'm loving it. I have had so many friends with shocking pregnancies that I feel so bloody lucky that I feel good during mine!


What were you last two pregnancies like?
Did the birth of your boys go to plan?

In my outside of pregnancy life I get shocking migraines and have chronic fatigue which is so dull and boring, after the first trimester all my migraines and headaches go away and I have more energy than normal so the preggo hormones work well with my body. I have asked so many doctors to replicate the second trimester hormones for me to have all the time! My pregnancies have all been the same and dare I publicly admit, I love being pregnant!  I love getting a big belly, It's the time I seem to have the most body freedom/confidence, everything gets big and round including my usually small boobs which is a massive bonus.

I did hypnobirthing with my first two. I was pretty nervous about intervention because I hate needles and get sick from morphine and other drugs so wanted to try and do it without. I was totally open to it if it wasn't safe for me to birth the boys how I wanted but besides it being other worldly painful, it was also amazing and they were straight forward births. My partner Sam and my mum where in there for both labours so it was pretty special. My mum passed away last year and I don't feel like I have the same mental strength to birth this baby how I did the last two, I might head straight for the epidural, but we will see. It might all be out of my hands anyway.


How are the boys feeling about a new little brother?

We don't know if it is a boy or a girl BUT I am so convinced I saw a big shlong on the ultrasound. 

They are so excited. To start with my 8 year old Baxter, got emotional, he went through all the feels when we told him, excited, nervous, worried all within a 10 minute block. He is a sensitive little guy and he got how much his world is about to change.  It was adorable and heartbreaking all at once. Now they are so excited and won't stop touching my belly. My 6 year old is like a little bloke and is fascinated with my expanding boobs which I keep having to remind him not to touch!


It’s been 6 years since your last pregnancy. I feel like we forget a lot about what goes down when we are pregnant! Have you had any ‘ohhhhh that’s right’ moments?

I am considered a 'geriatric pregnancy' now which is such a sexy term isn't it!?! I forgot how early we stop sleeping. I really don't need this much training  for the sleepless nights, it's driving me bonkers! I forgot how quickly things get big, my boobs (can you tell I'm a little wrapped with them) and my lips are juicy and big, I forgot about that perk. I forgot about the breathlessness as well though, so.out.of.breath.  


Tell us how being pregnant during a global pandemic is different to
‘code normal’?

I actually think it has been a bit easier because life has been slower. I haven’t had to race the boys to school drop off and pick up and the endless activities and appointments that normally jam pack our week. It has been a much slower pace and it has suited me, being geriatric and all. I wouldn't want to birth by baby in such tight restrictions though. I need my village around me when this baby is born, I have told all my family and friends that this baby is a communal baby- which translates to I want alllll the help! 


We assume it won't be business as usual when you are due, how do you anticipate it will impact your birth?

Because my mum isn't here for this birth I have some anxiety around it outside of the new covid restrictions. It will be so different in so many ways but her not being here is pretty major for myself and also for Sam. She was so involved in every aspect of our lives that it is a huge loss and mentally I need to picture a different birthing scenario.  I have decided to have the baby in a different hospital this time than my last two, just so it is a slightly different environment. I have asked my best friend and Show + Tell business partner Stacey to come in the birth with us, but now I'm nervous she won't be allowed due to covid. Also it's so special for family and friends to come and visit and I'm not sure if they will be allowed. It might end up being a nice little rest though, we will see.


Once your bub is here, and you enter into that delicious and delirious fourth trimester, is there anything you plan to do to help you and Sam get through it?

We are so lucky with the amount of family we have around us. Sam's younger sister is an incredible cook and she will no doubt make sure our freezer is stocked. We have no shortage of people who have put their hand up to help with either the new baby or with the boys and I will take them up on this. I do think early on it is a bit of a divide and conquer when you have multiple kids, I think Sam will be getting the boys out as much as possible so I can rest with our new baby. The position of laundry fairy is still open for any family member that is keen to help, I'll start dropping some very unsubtle hints soon.


Has the nesting kicked in yet? Tell us your nursery plans!

Big time, we are renting a place at the moment and I have a feeling the owners want to move back in which means we would be moving one month before I am due which is not sitting well with me when all I want to do is seriously nest. I am doing that typical cleaning everything and sorting everything but I am not letting myself visualise bringing the baby back to this current home until I know it is where we will be living. I have kept some sentimental things that boys had like homemade blankets and some special soft toys that will go in the baby’s room. I got rid of alllll of my baby stuff after my last kid, not because I thought I would never have another baby but because two boys using anything for long periods of time get so trashed. I'd feel too guilty putting this crisp, clean new bub into the filthy pram they both used or the cot that ended up covered in teeth marks and god knows what else. I have sorted the most important thing though and it is the cutest cot I have ever seen. Several of my friends have had these cots and they transfer into great toddler beds and look so bloody cool. So even if the kid ends up sleeping in a cupboard, it's cot will be a real wow factor. You might have heard of the cot??? The Ubabub Pod Cot! I LOVE it.

That's so exciting Monty!! We can't wait to see more of your baby Nursery set up when it's ready. 

Lastly, any advice for first time Mummas to be?

Don't take on advice from every Tom, Dick and Harry so certainly don't take on mine BUT ask for help when you need and sleep when you can. Also if you feel a slight temp or get really sore boobs GET TO THE DOCTOR, mastitis is a serious mole.


All these delicious photos of Monty and her family by @mrswhitephotos