Toddler's play room

Toddler's play room


If you search for a table for your toddler, what’re the most important things you look for?  It might be the very first table for your little one, so we believe it has to be unique, right? Of course, 2-3 years old child will not sit for hours at the table, but it could be his/her corner at your home. There will be a place to draw, arrange puzzle or even get a little snack between playing.

We imagined a toddler table that is not only practical, good looking but also playful.  We believe that it’s essential that a parent can sit next to the child if needed. Rafa-kids B table has a proper height for your legs! Children this age often want to be close to their parents. This table can be standing next to the kitchen or even in your living room. It’s looking beautiful so no worry of ugly kids furniture which you wish to take out of your way. Yes!

Then, we have some nice surprise to get your toddler entertained. Look for the drawers! What would you hide there? Do your child like to arrange a tea party or rather be a little artist instead? There is plenty of space for pencils and paper. After playing, you can ask to put it back to drawers and keep the desk clean and organised. It’s never to early to start learning good habits. Any other ideas how would you see The B table used at your home?


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